names & letters

These names, they are
daunting somehow
carried altogether by the
wooden painted monster
cowering over me
as I sleep, as I dream.

These names, they are
calling out my name
join them
“Come!” they say
“Bring your words and find space
if you dare.” they say

These names, they are
printed, stacked
standing proud beside each other

and my name? My name
is merely whispered
into the air
and is broken down
in single letters

the a chases the l
and the g lies around sipping a slurpee
the e is arguing with n
(about Mr. Nobody who was born
and erased in Nowhere, New Jersey)

and the other a?

The other a is trying to slip out the door
quietly and resignedly
thirsty for water
and wanting to uncurl its curves
then flatten
and finally become
a line.


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