15 years later, I’m still walking on this street with you

(five lampposts as our witnesses),

still waiting for you to say something

after I mistakenly told you I didn’t feel the same.


4 thoughts on “mistakenly

  1. I am on the other end of that sentiment. As the person who was shot down in the moment of confessing their undying love to another. it is up to the one who first denied it to make that next step because now that mistake sits upon them as a fear. a fear of confessing again, a fear of being rejected again. I think the ball is in your park this time. Hope this helps 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

      I hope that the fear you feel will turn into courage: the kind of courage in knowing you can love someone so much to the point of really putting your heart out. There is a special kind of courage in confession. I hope that when you love again, you will again be brave enough to put that love into words, spoken out loud.

      I read somewhere that the opposite of love is not hate, but fear. I hope you don’t fear for too long, my friend.


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      1. I’ve definitely had my crosses to bear. We live, we grow. Life if full of new experiences. Most important thing to remember is that we learn something from the experience. I’ve long since moved on from then, however i don’t ever see myself telling this specific person they still have a place in my heart because they wronged me way back when it mattered. If they want something out of it, it is now up to them to do something about it . I appreciate your response. Thank you for the positive vibes. 🙂 I do hope your situation can resolve as well.

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      2. That is good to hear. Thank you for sharing your experience and life lesson with me. It’s always interesting to hear a voice from the other side… and the story slightly changes and is therefore enhanced. 🙂

        This little poem was inspired by a friend and what happened to him years ago, and yes, the situation has been resolved awhile back. This was just something I wrote a few years ago and found sitting on my old journals. 🙂

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