to lose someone

Do you really lose anyone? I mean, they break your heart, walk away, and never see them again. Does this mean that you lost them?

Yes, you lose the person.

No, not the memory.

The person could fall out of love, love someone else, or just disappear. Anything goes when you give someone your heart.

But memories are resilient, stubborn, persistent.

Memories insist to be remembered, like an infant that will keep crying wanting to be noticed, fed, loved.

And you have no choice but give in to the demand.


I press the pedestrian signal to “WALK” and wait. My eyes wander around this part of the city where people criss-cross and transfer transit systems.

I look up and forward, and I see a silhouette of a boy standing on the other side of the street waiting for the “WALK” sign to light up.

I squint and realize I gave that boy the jacket he’s wearing. And years ago, my heart.

The “WALK” sign lights up.

He walks forward; I turn around, walk back, and make a path away from him.


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