it’s not the same

Have you ever told someone you don’t love them back? Especially after they have just told you how much they love you and would like to spend their lives making you feel loved and wanted for as long as they can?

It’s like finding yourself sitting in a concert of an artist you don’t know. A few songs in, the musician asks the crowd to sing along with him.

Everyone sings and knows the lyrics. Except you. No matter how much you want to sing along, the words are not coming around.

All you can hear are echoes, and you try to snatch some words from the person sitting beside you, behind you, in front of you. But they too are strangers to you. You feel like a fraud. You realize you are one.

And you end up being painfully silent. Maybe try swaying your head a bit. Your fingers and feet attempting to drum along the strange melody.

And your friend, oh your friend, looks at you expectantly hoping the melody of their heart is the same one playing in yours.

You said you love music. You do, but never did a song sound so strange to you.


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