je suis charlie

Saying you are something, or someone, Else

who you are not

is to betray your own identity,

ridding yourself of responsibility,

giving you the liberty

to harm and inflict pain

in the name of something, or someone, Else.

My heart breaks over the loss of lives

over the Written word (or the Drawn word or the Spoken word,

or the loudest of them all: the Silenced word).

But please do not be something, or someone, Else only.

Do not be Charlie only.

Be you.

Know who you are and where you swim and glide and bounce around

this spectrum we all call freedom.

Understand your own fluidity,

and you will see it in others.

It is in being static

that our blindness begins.

Acknowledge that you have Empathy

towards yourself, your words, actions and thoughts.

Towards Others. Towards the Land and the Air.

Let Charlie, be Charlie.

Because Charlie knew who it was, who it is,

and maybe who it will become (only it knows).

But do you know who you are?

Charlie is one broken but fighting mirror we are now holding in our bleeding hands.

I hope when we look at it, we not only see Charlie–

je suis Charlie–

but also Many Different Things.

Many Different Else’s.

Many Different Becomings.

In our fists we all carry pieces of privilege and oppression.

Don’t lose yourselves along the way

over that one piece.

Because at the end of the day you are still you,

and you are Responsible:

to love, to forgive,

to suffer, to be redeemed.


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