dear followers,

Thank you for taking the time reading and following my blog. I appreciate the small moments you lend as you read my words whether from visiting the page, WordPress newsfeed, or your email. Reading is a precious practice; and readers are precious people we all become through this work.

For your reading, much thanks.

I am so close, so so close, to my 100th follower, so I thought I’d do something different.

It’s not everyday I reach 100 followers. I have no agent. No marketing strategies in my pocket. No idea who to turn to after I finish this book I am working on.

100 followers. It means one hundred hearts beating, alive, reading, and reflecting.

To my 100th follower: I will write a poem or vignette for you. I will do this by perusing your blog and getting to know you through your written published words. I will leave my work on your comments section of your most recent post. 

(If only I can write one poem for each follower, I would. But, yes, Life always finds its way in and seeps into that space between the door and the floor.)

I’m no Maya Angelou, Lang Leav, or Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

It will not be a breathtaking piece of writing, but know that I will spend my breaths as I put together words for you, lovely reader and follower.

To all: I appreciate each one of you. Thank you for your time, precious readers.




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